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About us

Med-Ray is a software developer and radiology equipment supplier. The main product is the ArchiMed hardware & software suite, which is used as PACS\RIS (radiological information system), its development started in 1994. The system allows to create archive of medical images and data, it also includes the tools for analysis, processing and recording of scans.

Workstations based on ArchiMed Suite are used as independent or supplementary workstations, can also be integrated into joint radiological information system (RIS), which records images from all diagnostic devices in the medical facility, which allows to automate work in radiological rooms with subsequent access to diagnostic radiological information from any place within medical facility or hospital network.

Med-Rey also supplies software from global leaders in medical imaging, offers wide range of clinical applications for working with CT, MRI, X-ray, and ultrasound scans. The supply package may include 3D processing tools, including modules for analyzing cardiac and liver tomography data, assessing blood flow in cerebral vessels, detecting of pulmonary nodules, virtual colonoscopy, etc. This toolbox will open up new possibilities for planning surgical and diagnostic operations.

The company’s specialists will guide you in your choice and furnish X-ray departments with any necessary radiological computer hardware and accessories.